Your Mixed Reality Solution

Our all-in-one Mixed Reality system allows you to merge virtual objects into an existing physical scene. All you need is a Head-Mounted Display (HMD) or a tablet, and our cross-platform software library developed based on research by the University of Tokyo.

Easy Time Travel

Our HMD glasses allow you to see ancient buildings that are no longer there. With our Mixed Reality technology, you can also experience historical events and see simulated future landscapes. Our system is suited to a variety of applications: tourism, site reconstruction, architecture, games, advertising... the possibilities are endless.

Mixed Reality colosseum

Sample Reconstruction of Historic Sight

Our Mixed Reality technology allows you to recreate ancient buildings and simulate the lives of period people using computer-generated images, which can then be viewed on a HMD or tablet. Viewers can then get a feel for the way things were. The system can be useful in many contexts including tourism, architecture, and archaeology. Our Mixed Reality system is also an environmentally responsible alternative to building physical models and replicas.

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Asuka village: Asukakyo, Kawaharadera temple, and Asuka Kiyomiharanomiya palace ©The University of Tokyo

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Asuka village: Ishibutai tomb and Mizuochi ruins

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Aomori prefecture: Sannai-Maruyama site