Mixed Reality

What is Mixed Reality Technology?

The technology integrates computer-generated images with an existing landscape. The composite image can then be viewed on various display settings, and the scene comes to life before your eyes.

How is it Different from Augmented Reality?

The term “Mixed Reality” includes Augmented Reality (AR), and takes the concept a step further. AR simply superimposes computer-generated information onto a scene, while Mixed Reality integrates the two seamlessly to create a virtual environment.

Mixed Reality and Augmented Reality

Fast shading and shadowing for Mixed Reality

Ultimate reality

Our system can adapt to changing weather conditions with a shading technique developed by the University of Tokyo, so your experience feels very natural.

Your Choice of Device

Mixed Reality technology can be viewed on a variety of devices like HMDs, Smartphones, tablets, and digital signage. We can also provide synthesized panoramic video to multiple users in real-time.



Multi-platform Solutions

Our Mixed Reality software library is compatible with many platforms. Tell us your idea and we'll help make it a reality.